Coil Slitting Machine

Slitting is a type of metal cutting process where large rolls, or coils, of sheet metal stock are cut using extremely sharp rotary blades. In metal slitting, straight lines are cut lengthwise into the large coil to create strips of metal that are narrower in width. As the coil runs through the slitter, circular blades – one upper, the other lower – make the cuts. These are commonly called knives and can be moved to make sheet metal strips of differing widths. In metal fabrication, slitters often come equipped with multiple knives.

Slitting blades are designed depending on the job required. The three critical determinants of the blade configuration include:
• The work piece material thickness
• The type of material to be slit
• The tolerances that must be held while slitting.

We provide coil slitting machine for slitting of coils from width of 50mm to1500mm and thickness ranging from 0.2mm to 3mm. Our slitting line works on PLC which operates Decoiler, slitting line and re-coiler.